Legislative Advisory:
Patients Bill of Rights

Opportunity to help gain passage of the Patients Bill of Rights


the primary relationship in American Health Care back to the Patient and the Doctor
the patients right to choose physicians and specialists of their preference.
the independent Lay person standard to the access for emergency service.


external review for Health Services Plans to provide for physicians and their patients important access to binding external review to settle disagreements in coverage and compensation with third party agencies through independent reviewers without the need for expensive litigation.
responsibility for Health Services Plans for actions which create harmful results for those covered by Health Plan policies.
Antitrust Relief for HealthCare Professionals to restore the unfettered ability to collectively negotiate appropriate Health Insurance Coverage agreements with Health Care Intermediaries and Insurance Companies without threat of Antitrust Complaints

The Major problem in providing High Quality Health Care for Americans is that the single most knowledgable, and most qualified consumer of services…..THE PHYSICIAN…..is consistently forced to negotiate with companies who scramble to control the funding of care for patients…….. ……………alone.

Attempts to collectively approach problems with HMO's and insurers by doctors are consistently scorned and threatened with aggressive Antitrust Federal Investigation and prosecution. This response comes most frequently from those in an industry which has managed to secure its own aura of exemption from these same antitrust measures.

If you believe your DOCTOR should be your principle advisor on the best care for you and your family, tell your Congressman and Senator to push the Conference Committee ……NOW to bring a meaningful Patients Bill of Rights to the floor of both the House and the Senate of this Congress for passage and to present this important legislation to the President for his signature to enact these MOST IMPORTANT Patients Rights into a much needed and very valuable Federal law.

Call your representatives today.
Write them today.
Write them again tomorrow.
Let them know you are serious.
The problem is serious.

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