Our team of Board Certified healthcare professionals includes:

Dr.Rick Love
Dr. Rick Love is the CEO of Otolaryngology Associates. A Board Certified specialist, Dr. Love and staff offer specialty services in all areas of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Love holds degrees from the University of Oklahoma,as well as Oklahoma State University, and trained in the residency programs at the Oklahoma Teaching Hospitals. He currently teaches as a clinical professor for the University of Alabama,Birmingham, Internal Medicine and Family Practice Departments in Montgomery.

Dr. Love has also served in leadership positions in numerous organizations. An aquatics and SCUBA instructor since his pre-collegiate days, Dr. Love went on to serve as the National Medical Advisor for the YMCA Scuba Program for many years. He has also provided consultation services to the dive team at THE LIVING SEAS pavilion in EPCOT Center. He also is the CEO of MVP medical video productions.

Dr. Love has served in leadership positions for hospital departments and board of trustees. He also continues to serve in the leadership of the County Medical Society, the Medical Association of the State of Alabama, and nationally on committees for the Academy of Otolaryngology -Head and Neck Surgery, as well as on the Board of Governors for the AAAO-HNS.

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